Cataplexy and a Sufferer

A 35-year-old researcher from the Cambridge University is suffering from a rare disorder. The lady happens to suffer a sort of a paralytic attack, whenever she gets excited or experiences a sudden change of emotions.

Claire Allen, the woman suffering from disorder happens to experience the episode for a period of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The disease or the condition that Dr. Allen is suffering from is known as Cataplexy and could trigger an attack from the smallest of surprises.

The condition can be so horrifying for the sufferer that it can trigger up to 100 attacks in a day. Cataplexy is usually known to be triggered because of a sleep disorder known as Narcolepsy, in which there is a lack of a sleeping pattern in a person and leaves the person fatigued during the daytime.

Many people, who happen to encounter a person suffering from the condition, are left freaked-out after seeing a person suffering an attack and then getting normal. It is known to affect the psyche of friends and family as they fear an onset of an attack anytime, even because of a slightest surprise.

Dr. Allen states that there is no pain when an attack occurs. However, the first symptom of the attack is a loss of speech followed by vision and then the crumpling of the body. She adds that the attacks usually occur, when she is socializing with people and happens to be more self-conscious.