Ambulance Services Asking for People’s Participation

If the proposed plan of major amendment in the ambulance service is approved, then Uttoxeter's ambulance service is all geared up to have active participation of people.

Ambulance from East Midlands Ambulance Service, West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust has asked the residents of the town to present their views on the proposed foundation trust status, so that the service is free from Government’s control on the finances and management.

Anthony Marsh, the trust’s Chief Executive, said that already there is participation from the local communities and people about how the services could be made more efficient.

He further added that becoming a foundation trust will help in improving the facilities and services for patients.

There is a plan to appoint around 2,000 public members till the time foundation trust is established.

But there will be more stress on the quality of the input rather than having more focus on increasing the members.

Mr. Marsh said, “We aim to engage with our members so that we get a very real level of input into the way we develop our services over the coming months and years”.

He also expressed hope that more and more people of Uttoxeter will participate in the consultation and help in becoming a foundation trust.