Significant fall in the Number of Panhandlers in the City

In what seems like a good development, more and more homeless people have decided not to beg. The city has recently witnessed a sharp fall in the number panhandlers and has instead seen a spurt in the number of bottle pickers.

An example of one of the bottle pickers is Eugene Graham, who gets up at 6am in the morning and works all the seven days in a week. Eugene is able to earn anything between $40-50 in a day, while talking about his choice as a bottle picker. Eugene feels that, what he was doing now was more respectable, in contrast to panhandling.

A recently conducted study by the Calgary Homeless Foundation has found in a recent study that an increasing number of beggars in the study had taken up to work rather than begging. The foundation had earlier conducted the study to remove homelessness in the city, but after the study was conducted. It was found that there were a mere 30 panhandlers in the city, while in contrast there were 250 bottle pickers.

The President of the Calgary Homeless foundation, Tim Richter, while talking about the finding of the study stated that it was not understandable, that why there has been such a significant fall in the number of panhandlers in the city. But he did add that the development was a good one and that something positive could be brought out from the situation.