New Study Concludes that High Levels of BPA found in Products Sold in US

Bisphenol A has suddenly turned out to be the most controversial compound being used for packaging, as apart from previous findings, a latest study has now pointed out towards food items containing high levels of the chemical. The study was conducted by researchers in the US and has been published over the internet on Tuesday in the journal, Environmental Science & Technology.

The lead author of the study was Arnold Schecter from the University of Texas. The study checked the levels of the chemical Bisphenol A in 105 food items bought in grocery stores in Dallas. According to the scientists involved in the study, they were able to detect dangerous levels of the chemical in 63 of the 105 samples.

The report further stated that the levels found in the packages were similar to those found in packages from other countries as well.

According to scientists, cans of Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna in Water and Cans of Kroger Sweet Peas Garden Variety were found to have a high amount of BPA. Packages of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs were also found to have distinguished traces of the chemical.

However, apart from all the samples, the highest traces of the chemical were found in the can of Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans, the irony about the product is that it is supposed to be healthy.