GWAHS Campuses to Become Smoke-Free

There is bad news for smokers. Now, smoking has been banned at all Greater Western Area Health Service (GWAHS) campuses.

No puffs of smoke are now allowed for staff, patients, carers and visitors at all the Mental Health Drug and Alcohol campuses across the Service. A similar step had already been taken by other health services in the state.

"You are defeating the purpose by allowing people to smoke outside buildings where smoke may go back inside and enter through doorways or open windows etc", said Adrian Fahy, from GWAHS. He added that the area that had been declared as smoke-free by NSW Health was the physical health campus and not any of the buildings on the health campus.

He also expressed that they had established a smoking cessation working party in Mental Health Services, which is there at place for the past four months and their representatives from patients, carers and staff would make it certain that the project is executed efficiently.

The GWAHS campus has also toiled on making individual smoking cessation plans for the patients requiring long-term care at their facility. Now, they are making arrangements to make all of the units and the wards smoke-free.