Lionhead working on update for Fable III to fix technical issues

An update will be rolled out for the recently released Fable III game to resolve technical issues, Lionhead has revealed.

According to the official Lionhead blog, the team of professionals is working the update to patch technical issues.

The blog post stated that it is common see some gamers facing technical issues with each videogame, and with a game of the size of the Fable III it is more common. The company suggested gamers not to panic.

Commenting on the topic, Lionhead stated, "There is no ETA on this, seeing as the process of game development is a slow, long and lonely one, so please bear with us. I hope to be able to update you in the near future."

The company also suggested that that those who may be facing an issue with the game should report the issue on the Reporting Form, where it is more likely to be resolved faster.

Fable III, which has been rated M for mature, is set in an industrial world like of Dickensian. In the game, Albion is under the rule of Dictator King Logan and its general public members are calling a true hero to lead them into the light.