Apple iPhone owners got late for offices as bug hit alarm clock

Many iPhone owner got late for offices on Monday as a bug in the iPhone operating system iOS delayed alarm clocks by an a hour.

Social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with reports of iPhone glitch. The issue was also covered by TV, radio and newspapers.

According to reports, iPhone's clock changed over correctly, but the bug in the iOS 4.1 affected those who had set their alarm clocks to go off at the same time every day of the week.

Many iPhone owners shared on Twitter and Facebook that they overslept as their alarm clock didn't wake them at the right time.

However, Broadband Genie's Rob Clymo claimed that the concerned glitch could be fixed easily.

Commenting on the topic, he suggested, "The bug can be sent packing by simply deleting all alarms currently setup and then dropping in new ones. You'll need to remove all existing old alerts in order for the fix to work correctly."

Earlier in late September too, iPhone owners in Australia and New Zealand had encountered the same problem.