Laura's French home to go under hammer for £8.9 million

One of the luxury estates in French Riveria which was earlier owned by late designer Laura Ashley's is getting ready to be sold. And because of the sale an expected that £8.9 million can be raised.

Le Preverger, as the apartment is known as, is situated in the village of La Garde-Freinet, near St Tropez. The total area under this is 150 acres and is a total pre-Napoleonic farmhouse.

What adds to the charm of the whole place is that it was started by a person who came down from a very lowly life in Powys village near Newtown and went on to own around 5000 shops all across the world. It is believed that Ashleys brought the house in 1982, just close to three years before Mrs. Ashley died.

One of the other attractive things is that the neighborhood includes big Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp. Ashley has been known to be entertainer for people like Diana, Princess of Wales and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at Le Preverger.

And now, the dead man's son said that his parents worked day and night to keep the business up.