'Flying Frenchman' is no more

Wrestler Edouard Carpentier also known as Quebec's Flying Frenchman passed away this weekend. He was 84 years old and took his last breath in his home in Montreal.

Carpentier was known for his domination of the Canadian. Most of his won matches were in the Montreal wrestling scene after he emigrated from France in 1956. As per the news reports, the wrestling legend died because of heart attack.

He was four times International Champion from 1957-67. Also one of his best was being part of the tag team during the 70's.

During his reign, he was part of the top leagues in wrestling and his arch-nemeses included names like Canadian wrestlers Killer Kowalski and Mad Dog Vachon. He was known for his high-flying and acrobatic style. It is because of this that he got his nickname.

But because of his hard life, he started suffering from various heart diseases and during the past one decade, he was facing very tough times. After surviving one major heart attack it was tough for him to stay after another one. He had also worked with French Resistance during the Second World War.