Vancouver’s Nathan Fong Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Nathan Fong, a Vancouver-based food and props stylist for culinary print and film advertising, was recently diagnosed with adult-onset Type 2 diabetes. The foodie expressed shock at the diagnosis, which was made after he visited his GP complaining of feeling uncharacteristically lethargic.

Mr. Fong, who says he lives “a healthy lifestyle and exercise[s] regularly”, is featured on CBC Radio, writes a regular newspaper column on food, contributes culinary articles to various international magazines and has his own weekly television show, ‘Saturday Chef’.

Mr. Fong names some of the eating habits that could have contributed to his diagnosis. “I used to be a three-bowl-of-rice person at mealtime.” He also confessed a passion for snacking on wonton noodles at dim sum restaurants.

His Asian heritage played a role in the diagnoses, as Asians are quite susceptible to Type 2 diabetes. This is due to their high intake of carbohydrates, which convert to sugar in the body. Too much can lead some to develop Type 2 diabetes.

Mr. Fong recommends a change in eating habits to reduce the risk of diabetes. “Many people don’t prepare [breakfast], opting to stand in line at Tim Hortons or Starbucks [where] they order sweet drinks, cappuccinos and flavoured coffees […] all of which are full of sugar and carbs.”

When he was first diagnosed he attended the diabetes clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital. He has now signed on to promote a competition held during Diabetes Awareness Month.