Arthritis drugs Could Help Rectifying Cognitive Impairement

The anti-inflammatory drugs that serve as treatment to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis could also prove beneficial in preventing cognitive impairment after surgery, as per a recent study.

The researchers at UCSF and colleagues at Imperial College, London carried out the study that brought out the reasons why people often get affected memory loss or other types of cognitive impairment after undergoing surgery or severe illness. The researchers associated a specific inflammatory response in the brain with the cognitive dysfunction.

As per the authors, the short-term delirium takes place mostly in intensive care units and between 28 and 92% patients get affected with it that depends on other factors as well such as their age, health status and type of surgery. The condition can also erupt due to poorer surgical consequences, heightened risk of death and failure to restrict the advancement of dementia.

The inflammatory response tracked by the researchers has been associated with an immune protein called tumour necrosis factor (TNF-a), a cytokine. They have also found s drug treatment for the same.

The anti-TNF monoclonal antibody was tested on mice. They underwent orthopaedic surgery before giving the dose of the drug. It was discovered that the drug was highly effective in rectifying the disorder by acting as a prophylaxis.