Physically Active People Less Likely to Fall Sick

A study that has been published in the 2nd November issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine has reported that people, who exercise regularly, are at a reduced risk of catching a cold. The research was conducted by scientists at the Appalachian State University, North Carolina.

In the study, researchers had studies 1,000 people below the age of 85-years old. The health of the respiratory system in the participants was followed for a period of twelve-week. It was found in the research that the chances of developing a cold among people exercising regularly almost fell by half, in contrast to those who did not exercise regularly.

The authors have reasoned that a decreased chance of developing cold among physically active people was because the immune system of those people after exercising became more active. Though, they did state that the immune system got active for a period of two-three hours following the exercise, yet it was more than enough to keep infections at bay.

The physically active people in the study were those people, who used to exercise for a minimum of 5 days in a week.

The research has also been able to stay true to previous findings that apart from exercising, people who consume more fruit were less likely to catch a cold or flu.