Rock Bay Shelter offers Space for Needy

The opening of the new Rock Bay Landing shelter in Canada will provide plenty of shelter opportunities for many homeless Victorians. The new establishment is replacing Streetlink emergency shelter and is approximately three times bigger than its predecessor.

The facility that contains five stores of circa 60,000 square feet represents a $13-million dollar project.

The two main entrances will be guided by the community police. The facility contains benefits such as a big area for activities, a barber shop led by volunteers, a cafeteria, medical facilities, washrooms and laundry possibilities and storage lockers.

A spokesperson of the new facility comments on the new storage possibilities and rules: "So you can come in and leave your knapsack. We put it in a rubberized tote. We take a picture of the person. Rules are you've got to pick it up by five [p. m.]. If you don't pick it up by five, you can't use the service for a week and you've got until noon the next day to pick up your stuff. That seems to work in Vancouver".

In order to attract the needy that often hesitate to come, the facility has all imaginable hygienic and security facilities such as door cards that guarantee entrance for 24 hours to a temporary resident. The users of Rock Bay Landing shelter do not have any restrictions about opening times and a secure bed to sleep in will be always to them.