Energizer Distributes Hearing Devices in Philippines

Energizer introduces the first zero-mercury hearing aid batteries and gives away free samples to potential clients in the Philippines. The new battery type represents an important step in protecting the environment and a helpful device for patients with hearing disorders.

After the Company invested in an improved design of the product, environmental saving materials and a better manufacturing process, Energizer can now introduce a battery that does not contain the element mercury. The product ZeroMercury is expected to not only foster the hearing-quality for its users but comes with a high rust resistance.

Energizer further supports deaf or hearing-disordered Filipino children and provided hearing aids in Cebu in collaboration with GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Brand Manager, Joan Mendoza, expresses: "We, at Energizer Philippines, believe that hearing is vital to the normal learning process and full integration of these children into a productive society. We hope that these hearing devices will equip them with the tools required for such growth and have a real chance to enjoy life to the fullest".

Hearing aids are still being distributed either through contacting the website energizerbatteries com ph or directly at Manila Hearing Aid Centers.

The average cost for a hearing aid device is approximately $2,000 and many insurance policies do not include them in their coverage.