Fishing Ban in Sydney Harbor continues

The official fishing ban in Sydney Harbor must now be extended as new figures on water and fish quality show high levels of dioxins. Although a pricy clean-up program has targeted to reduce the consequences of ongoing contamination due to a former pesticide factory, the pollution in the water is too large to be eliminated.

It is likely that over the next decades, fish caught in this region might stay to be high of dioxins, which makes its consumption harmful for the human body. The warning not to consume fish from this region is highly ignored by fishers as research results convey. In a report of the Department of Industry, it is revealed that more than 25 tons of fish from this region were caught only in 2007-08.

Craig Lamberton, the department's Director, comments on the prediction that fish well stay to be poisoned over the next 50 years in the harbor: ''I don't want to predict, but that's the kind of thing we are talking about. We think it will be decades".

Fishermen who have been working in the area since 2006 when the ban started complain about the NSW government that now denies follow-up medical support for them or their families in form of blood tests although they promised to guarantee medical care back in 2006.