Melbourne: Protest for Autistic School in Western Suburbs

Western Metropolitan state MPs Bernie Finn (Liberal) and Colleen Hartland (Greens) joined in parents' protests last week that request a P-12 autism school for their children in the Western suburbs.

After the opening of the Western Autistic School's Laverton campus, the protests will continue as parents still have insufficient facilities for children above grade 3. They demand more educational options for their teenaged kids.

Although parents are hopeful that an additional facility might be constructed, they also stay to be cautious about Ministry plans. Autism Schools Action participant, Chris Saunders, points out: "It's making a lot of parents very nervous because many parents are deeply concerned their children will not have an appropriate education".

The Government announces in response conduct an independent study on the situation in order to find out how many children are in need for prep to year 12 school. Study results will be revealed in six months.

Critics of the Government's hesitation to establish 12 years education facilities for all kids in Western Melbourne, highlight: "If these kids were in any other part of Melbourne they'd be getting 12 years of education". They articulate that access to education should be unquestioned as a basic human right.