Purple Blooms Spreading Awareness about Polio

In order to promote awareness about polio, Rotary International and six local clubs have initiated a campaign naming "Focus on the Crocus" and they in collaboration with the city council would plant bulbs in Riverside Drive and Arbroath Road.

The campaign undertakes planting bulbs across the UK in the autumn so that they can blossom by February 23, which marks Rotary Day.

Polio poses threat to a number of children globally every year, especially in the developing countries such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bob Duncan, arts and communities convener stated that the purple flowers signify the color of dye that is put onto child's little finger as an indication that he/she has been immunized against polio.

He said, "I would like to thank the local Rotarians for the donation of the crocus bulbs to complement the existing crocus planting that already goes on throughout the city at this time of year".

Rotary International is a NGO, which backs many immunization projects and is also supported by influential personalities such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The members of the rotary club in collaboration with council grounds assistants will plant crocus in the Dundee. The council grounds assistants have been recruited through the Future Jobs Fund that provide training opportunities to unemployed youth and generate jobs funded by Government.