Alcohol More Harmful than Drugs Like Heroin, Crack Cocaine

According to a study, alcohol is a more harmful addiction as compared to heroin or crack cocaine. As per a new scale of drug harm rates, researchers have found that alcohol is three times as harmful as cocaine and tobacco.

The study, carried out by David Nutt and team from the breakaway Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, says ecstasy is eight-times as dangerous as alcohol.

The scientists say that according to the classification of drugs on the basis of their harmful effects, alcohol will be designated as Class A, besides heroin and crack cocaine.

Professor Nutt in his study looked at the nine types of harm that an individual can suffer from the intake of drugs and seven categories of harm that can happen to others.

In was noted that out of a score of 100, alcohol scored 72 in terms of causing harm, as compared to 55 for heroin and 54 for crack cocaine.

Dr. Steve Hambleton, the Vice-President of the Australian Medical Association, describes the conclusion of the study as `reasonable'.

He said, "There are medical issues like liver disease, but before that there's relationship breakdown, violence, injury, there's all sorts of social disconnection that impacts on family".

The findings of the study have been published online in British medical journal The Lancet.