UK ISPs should be allowed to censor third-party content: Ed Vaizey

Ed Vaizey, the UK minister for communications, has proposed the Internet service providers (ISP) should come up with a Mediation Service that would allow them to censor content on their networks.

Speaking on the issue of Internet privacy at the House of Commons, Mr. Vaizey suggested that ISPs should take content down on receiving a complaint form a member of the public.

The service will not require court action to allow ISPs to remove the inappropriate content or if the content is deemed to be infringing on privacy or copyright.

Mr. Vaizey added that the mediation service would help those who were concerned about their privacy on the web, and those who though their information about on the web was inaccurate.

He added that they were going pursue discussions with ISPs to determine whether there was any way to remove access to inappropriate information.

But, the proposed service could hurt freedom of expression and art of parody and satire. Atheists will try to attack religious websites, while do their best to attack scientific discoveries and innovations that make fun of old beliefs and traditions.