Provinces Asked to Get out of their role in Casinos

A novel report formed by a national marriage and family organization has outlined that provincial governments need to get rid of their role in casinos. The organization backed its urge by claiming that never ending demand for revenues is resulting in more and more addictions.

In addition, it has propelled social and economic costs as well.

As Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec recently entered into the online gambling, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada has also called for calling off its gaming expansion.

According to the think-tank's lead researcher, over $32 per capita is diverted to offer assistance to gambling addicts in Canada on yearly basis. Statistics Canada reported that gambling serves as a revenue source for over $13 billion of revenue in 2008.

It is reported that many people face negative effects of compulsive gambling. Statistics Canada has outlined that over 6.3 % of people are cited to be rendered at-risk gamblers and problem gamblers, noted a CBC News overview of problem gambling.

Miedema has claimed that instead of calling off gambling, Governments should privatize gambling, impose tax for winnings and divert the revenues towards making gambling initiatives more responsible.

"If governments are bearing the responsibility of (helping problem gamblers), they have to get out from being the provider of the service", he added.