Leftover Candies to be Donated to Operation Gratitude

Fresno dentist Dr. Treva Lee says that after trick-or-treating on Halloween night her kids picked up their favorite candies, leaving the rest of the lot to waste.

The leftover items like Tootsie Rolls, jawbreakers, and assorted hard candy are called `pinata' candy and these unused stuff keep lying at the bottom of the bag for several days.

Lee has found out a solution for those parents who do not know how to get rid of these leftover candies.

Lee along with other dentists in the central San Joaquin Valley have decided to purchase all the Halloween candy from children and donate it to Operation Gratitude, which is a non-profit organisation that supply the candy to U. S. soldiers deployed in other nations.

The program would also help in inculcating good dental habit in children by keeping away the extra candies from them.

Lee in a recent online blog for her patients wrote that eating too much of high-sugar content candies could lead to hyperactivity, weight gain, and cavities. She also warned that certain types of candies can result in broken teeth and damaged braces.

But all children are not willing to give away their candies, for instance, eight-year-old Alaina Hernandez said that she loves chocolate and she would not donate it, rather she would prefer to eat it.

In 2009, around 30-pound boxes of candy, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were donated to Operation Gratitude.