Movember Starts Today

The month of November is here, which means that the holiday season is near. However before we jump into our vacation mode, one last thing needs to be done. November has to be observed as Movember, which means that all the men out there in support of prostate cancer and depression should start growing a moustache immediately, as today is already the first day of this stupendous month.

The money raised in support of men growing their facial hair for the month would be directed towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Movember foundation. The two foundations are known to support people suffering from the dreaded prostate cancer by providing them emotional and monetary support, apart from helping the victims of cancer, the money would also be pumped into research work regarding the condition.

Though, only men can participate in the event, as usually men are the ones who can actually grow a realistic moustache. Yet, ladies can play their part as well, firstly by not expressing discontent on seeing your man with that hair on his face and secondly by coming out and funding some donations, towards the good cause.

The event was able to muster up $21million in the previous year and hopefully would be successful in breaching that mark this year. To all the men, who are ready for the challenge of growing their facial hair, all the best and have an awesome Movember.