New Rules Centers on Negligent Doctors

Under the new rules for South Australian Health Practitioners Tribunal, irresponsible doctors will now have to give away with their silence during disciplinary hearings and will be required to pose an explanation to their victims. Such a rule is claimed to be unprecedented, says the Advertiser.

The Herald Sun recently posted that over 40 women suffering from hepatitis C by a Melbourne anaesthetist have tied up to file a lawsuit against the medical practitioner's board.

The new rules are deemed to introduce a significant change compared to the negligent practice currently being followed. Under the current practice professional disciplinary tribunals address some but not all of the protection granted to a defendant in a criminal trial.

"For some victims, meeting the doctor accused of causing them harm is important", posted victims of Crime Commissioner Michael O'Connell. "The interests of the victim or the victim's family should be a priority; for example, the victim should be entitled to choose or to not choose to be involved in the process."

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians is reported to have called all state and territory governments to unveil stern, safe drug-use spaces after the Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injection Centre in NSW was witnessed to fetch robust success, according to The Advertiser.