Socialising Linked to Sleep Problems

A study by researchers from the US has linked waking up experience with the quality of sleep. It outlined that people who regularly socialize during a major proportion of the day are more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation as compared to introverts.

The study involved over 48 people lying in the age bracket of 18-39 and assessed them for personality type. However, following that two groups were formed with one having a socially enriched environment and other into isolation with no means of social interaction.

Study's lead author, Dr. Tracy Rupp, "The ability of introverts to resist sleep loss was relatively unaffected by the social environment. Overall, the present results might also be interpreted more generally to suggest that waking experiences, along with their interaction with individual characteristics, influence vulnerability to subsequent sleep loss".

The study findings were posted in the journal Sleep.

The researchers hailing from the Walter Reed Army Institute in Maryland outlined that the study's findings claimed that personality type might not be the only factor linking to one's ability to cope with military tasks, which test one's power to remain deprived of sleep for a long period.