Shop-bought homes ineffective in attracting wildlife: survey

A survey carried out by consumer group "Which?" revealed that 'shop-bought' homes are unable to help wildlife, such as lacewings, ladybirds, hedgehogs and butterflies.

According to the survey, 'shop-bought' homes for wildlife are proving ineffective and unnecessary wastage of money.

It may be noted here that many gardeners have been installing 'shop-bought' homes in their gardens with an intention to provide adobe to endangered beneficial creatures such as bees and hedgehogs.

In a year-long survey, not a single butterfly was seen to use the Gardman Butterfly Haven that costs £14.99, and no lacewings were found using the £22.95-Chapelwood Lacewing Chamber. Only one ladybird was found using into the Crocus Ladybird Hotel that come available with price tag of £9.99.

Ceri Thomas, gardening editor at Which?, said that many gardeners enjoy observing creatures that visit their gardens over the year, and gardeners can use many other ways to attract wildlife.

Commenting on the topic, Thomas said, "But there are many other ways to attract wildlife in to your garden, and people shouldn't be fooled into thinking that these attractive shop-bought abodes are worth the price tags they come with."

Gardeners can build a log pile that provides home to several insects and hedgehogs. It also provides food to toads in the form of insects which assemble on the pile.

Gardeners should go for hedges instead of fences as hedges offer shelter and nesting sites for wildlife as well as plants. Untidy piles of leaves, plant debris and a pond with a gentle slope also attract wildlife.