Secrets of the Human Immune System Unraveled by Scientists

It has been more than a century ago, when Nobel Laureate Jules Bordet was the first person to observe the human immune system deliver holes in foreign antibodies. Though, it is in the current time, that we have been able to ascertain, what actually happens in our body.

A study that has been published in the medical journal Nature has been able to narrate, how the protein, perforin, is able to counter foreign bodies entering the human system. The researchers, who have conducted the study, are hoping that the discovery would shed some light on finding better ways to fight cancer and other diseases.

The main weaponry of the immune system is perforin, which is released by T lymphocytes (T cells) and NK cells. Perforin is released by these cells, only when they identify a cell, which could end up harming the human body. Perforin after its release by these cells punches holes into the foreign microscopic body to make way for it to enter the foreign body and destroy it.

The process of releasing perforin and identifying threatening antibodies is very important for the human body as it is because of this process that, the human body is able to function properly.

The study was an end result to the efforts pitched in by researchers at the Monash University and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne and the Birkbeck College in London. The study spanned a period of ten years.

While talking about the study, the lead author of the UK team, Professor Helen Saibil stated that perforin was an important component of the human body and that the protein played a key role in protecting the body against foreign viruses. (IANS)