Crocuses Symbolize Keeping Polio at Bay

In order to encourage polio eradication campaigning, around 2,000 crocuses were planted by Benfleet Rotary Club in front of Castle Point Council's offices on Sunday.

The bulbs that will blossom into purple flowers in spring were planted by the volunteers of rotary club by taking help from council gardeners.

The purple blooms symbolize purple dye that is put on children's finger when they get the polio dose and so as to avoid another one. This is the reason that the campaign has been named as the Purple Pinkie Campaign.

"Now all these lovely purple flowers will come into bloom in February, just when we will be concentrating our fundraising efforts", said Martin Wood from Benfleet Rotary.

He added that a sign would be placed along with the flowers, so as to make people aware about the Purple Pinkie campaign. He was delighted to work for the local community.

A dose of polio vaccination is offered at just 50p. There is no treatment for the disease but it can be averted if proper vaccination is done. The disease has routed its way away from developed nations like UK, but is still prevailing in the developing nations such as India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan.