Explosive Packages Found in Cargo Consignment from Yemen

The United States authorities have caught two U. S.-bound packages suspected of having explosives in cargo consignment from Yemen.

After this news, red alert was announced in the US and Europe and the incident prompted the military to escort one passenger plane landing in New York.

On Saturday, Dubai police reported about one explosive device that was found on a FedEx Corp. cargo plane, which is thought to be the act similar to terrorist group al Qaeda. The Dubai Police issued a statement mentioning that the explosive device has been disposed of.

After the discovery of the explosive packages on UPS and Fedex cargo planes in the United Kingdom and Dubai, the U. S. officials decided to conduct a thorough check in Newark and Philadelphia airports, and also a delivery truck in New York City.

On the other hand, the Yemeni Government has assured an extensive investigation. The Yemeni embassy in Washington issued a statement on Friday saying that it will cooperate with the U. S. government in the whole inquest.

John Brennan, Mr. Obama's top counterterrorism adviser, said that incident indicates that there is an immediate need to put more efforts in fighting against the AQAP terror group.

Mr. Obama has been criticised for not responding to the act as swiftly as he should have, at that time he was on a vacation with his family members.