Calgary Poppy Fund Campaign to Start on Saturday

On Saturday, the yearly Calgary Poppy Fund campaign will start. At the Colonel Belcher Care Centre, several notable people and VIPs gathered to recognise the start of the important fund-raising event.

The Royal Canadian Legion created the fund in the year 1927 in order to provide assistance to veterans and their needy dependants.

The Veteran's Food Bank has sent over 70 food hampers per month, as compared to 50 hampers per month in the previous year and 25 hampers per month three years before.

George Bittman, associated with the fund, said, "The economic downturn just generates problems galore for the veteran who generally has a lot of pride and who is hesitant to ask for assistance".

As people have shown growing interest in Remembrance Day in the past few years, the need for the supply of funds to different services has also increased.

In 2009, the Poppy fund acknowledged around 500 Calgarians who lost their lives while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. In order to pay tribute to the soldiers, white crosses were placed near Centre Street on Memorial Drive.

A special ceremony will also be conducted this year in honor of those American soldiers, who died in the Canadian Armed Forces.