Heath of Eating Customers at Risk

Sydney's wealthiest area, Mosman is lately being considered to be the riskiest places to eat in the state. The last year has witnessed the restaurants and takeaway shops paying as many as 2000 fines for hygiene offences.

NSW is said to have put in great efforts and has come up with Australia's toughest hygiene obedience regime. This has, however, done little to keep the customers safe because, as per reports one-fifth of the state's 20,000 registered food sellers still continue to keep the health of their customers at stake.

Food sellers are said to have failed in some 13,000 random inspections, NSW Food Authority's annual report card suggests. This means that 26.3% of the 50,005 inspections, which are said to have been carried out in the previous year till June 30 had failed.

Almost 153 local authorities have reportedly released 8,000 warning letters to several restaurants and cafes. While 2,049 penalty notices had been issued by them, 1,399 businesses are said to have received improvement notices.

The state Government's ‘name and shame’ list comprises of almost 1,800 businesses. Mosman has come out to be the poorest for food hygiene with an average annual income of $131,606.

The report suggested: ''Several councils have reported difficulties in securing permanent environmental health officers [meaning] limited surveillance capacity; most of these have been regional councils”.