Bedbug infestation Engulfs New York

The state of New York is inundated with reports have highlighted the unceasing rise in the number of reported cases of bedbugs for the last several years. The reports for the infestations have engulfed nearly every state, including Carnegie Hall.

Bedbug, known as Cimex Lectularius in the medical lexicon, is reported to have hit some of the city's most renowned institutions, including the Empire State Building, the United Nations, the Waldorf Astoria and Bloomingdale's.

The problem has not touched a benchmark, triggering Mayor Michael Bloomberg to form a bedbug advisory board. He claims that he fears that rising infestations could soon damage city's tourism industry.

In addition, the Mayor is under plans to name a "bedbug czar". It is claimed that in a view to address the menace, an iPhone app, bedbug alert, which warns of infestations has been introduced. The iPhone bedbug alert shows maps, marking the 10 cities with red dots, the places where pests have been prevalent.

Last weekend, trained dogs were reportedly sent into the UN headquarters in a view to take out the bedbugs, homing in a set of antique chairs in a conference room. Hence, in order to prevent its spread the bug-ridden furniture was quickly replaced with bug-proof plastic and steel chairs.