New Rules Imposed on Nurses

Nurses are reported to have been imposed with a prohibition from flirting with patients. The prohibition has been introduced under a new array of professional-ethics guidelines unveiled to hospitals.

In addition, the new hospital rules also include sexual innuendo, use of “off-color” jokes and improper language, The Sunday Telegraph highlighted.

The recent figures unleashed by the NSW Nurses and Midwives Board say over 17 complaints have been made about nurses involving where they were found to cross their professional limitation in June 2009.

According to rules formed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, nurses found guilty of not abiding with the rules and crossing the line will be disciplined.

The rules came into effect from July 1 and October 18 in WA, with aims to introduce a sense of responsibility within the nursing staff and mark a professional boundary even if a patient initiates or approaches for sexual conduct.

In addition, the new rules have mandated that nurses should not discuss their personal problems, feelings of sexual attraction or other aspects of their personal life with patients. In case a nurse indulges in such kind of conversation, it would be considered as a sexual violation.