Call For Vaccine Monitoring

Health officials are witnessed to have called for more active monitoring of vaccination programs in Australia. The calls emerged following reports that linked the seasonal flu jab to a spate of serious fevers in young children.

The health department had ruled a nationwide ban on the use of trivalent flu jab for children under five years in April, marking an unprecedented move following an array of adverse reactions reported in WA.

"The apparent rate of febrile convulsions following vaccination was five to nine per thousand doses administered, about 50 times higher than that reported following measles-mumps-rubella vaccination", posted Dr. Michael Gold, a Senior Lecturer in paediatrics at the University of Adelaide.

It is reported that the presently practiced surveillance systems used to diagnose the early signs of it within a period of 24 hours of getting 2010 seasonal trivalent vaccine.

Dr. Gold posted in a review, requested by the Minister for Health in WA, underlining significant shortcomings with the way vaccine programs were currently managed and regulated.

Passive surveillance depends on hospitals and other health care providers, besides taking assistance from public in a view to address and reveal suspected cases of adverse reactions reported after receiving the vaccine.