Doctor and Pharmacist Arrested for Offering Money in Lieu of Sex to Underage Girls

The Criminal Investigation Bureau has announced yesterday that they had been successful in nabbing two men in Kaosiung city for having sex with underage girls. The two arrested men are above the age of 60 years and were arrested from two separate locations on Thursday.

At the time of the arrest both men were with the underage girls. It has also been informed by the CIB that the two men were friends and one of them was a city-based doctor, while the other one was in the pharmaceutical business.

The doctor was found in a hotel room with a 17-year-old girl and has been identified as Chen Che-wen. While his friend, Lin Chun-tsang was caught with two 13-year-old girls. The CIB has reported that the two men had been able to trick around 12 girls, with their trick of paying for sex.

Chen's contract regarding his services at a government-run clinic has been dissolved by the National Health Bureau, after the announcement of his arrest.

The CIB officials had arrested the two men, after three underage girls had reported a few months ago that they were fooled into having sex by the two men a few months ago. The operation regarding the two men had been started by the officials, as soon as the three girls had reported the incident.