Setting the Clock Back will Improve Health of the UK People

In order to recognise the end of British Summer Time, people of Britain are very excited as they will get an extra hour to sleep because the clocks will revert by an hour.

An English expert believes that setting the clock back during fall will help in improving the health and welfare of the people of the United Kingdom.

A lot of debate has been done on whether the UK should keep BST throughout the year, but MPs have failed to come up with any solution.

As per Mayer Hillman of the Policy Studies Institute, London, if the time is kept the same, the number of `accessible' daytime hours will increase in the fall and during winters and people will feel like doing more physical activity outdoors.

He said setting the clock back would provide around 300 extra hours of daylight hours for adults and about 200 more hours for kids.

Hillman said, "This proposal is an effective, practical and remarkably easily managed way of achieving a better alignment of our waking hours with the available daylight during the year".

Dr. Robert E. Graham, who is an internist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, is also supporting Hillman's idea.