X Factor House Now a War Zone

Recent days have been witnessing a significant surge in the antagonistic nature of the X Factor contestants. There daily fights among the contestants have marked a rise and are in full swing to make enemies of the neighbors.

"The house is like a war zone”, an X Factor source was quoted as saying.

The recent case involved the hostiles--Matt Cardle and Katie Waissel. It is alleged that Matt had tagged her as "fame hungry t***". Matt has also threatened to hit the 54-year old Wagner last week, media reports allege.

On the other side, neighbors - including Spurs striker Robbie Keane – have showed severe affliction because of them as their road in North London that once exuded tranquility is now full of noise and screams of the fans. Besides, the neighbors have expressed a lot of disturbance because of late night parties.

Mary, 50, posted, "I can't stand it in the house any longer. The younger ones won't give me any space and are behaving like louts. It's too much and I want to leave".

Moreover, a couple of men in the house have expressed severe frustration towards the Brazilian's touchy-feely behavior. Besides, the girls in Belle Amie are witnessed to maintain a good distance from the oddball.