Take That Progess Tour 2010 to Enjoy a Sellout

The official ticket suppliers for the boyband Take That’s Progress 2011 tour faced a challenging situation after the phone lines for the sale of tickets jammed. Apart from the phone lines, the sale of tickets over the internet was a scare, as the site meant for the online sales of tickets crashed due to an unprecendented upsurge in the number of buyers.

Ticketmaster was also a part of the suppliers, who complained regarding the excessive number of people buying the tickets. It further reported that the unexpected volume of customers had made it difficult for them to cater to everyone on time.

The maddening rush apart from disrupting the services has also been reported to have affected the UK telephone network, with private numbers bearing the brunt as well. The number of calls made in contrast to the calls made for the Michael Jackson concert have been stated to be twice as much.

However, despite the shortcomings, 560 fans have been able to procure the tickets from Cumbrian Newspapers’ Readers Travel. The Assistant Travel Manager, Lucy Park while talking about the humongous rush stated that she had never seen anything like this in the 10 years she had worked. The phone lines had been busy right from 9 in the monring, without any breaks.