Celebrity Emulation the Number One Trend this Halloween

MTV News recently interviewed several Halloween costume vendors and found that the most popular looks this year will be emulations of pop-culture celebrities.

“Lady Gaga, of course, is very popular. Also very popular is vampires, I assume because of ‘True Blood’”, said Damien Valdez, the Assistant Manager of New York costume shop Masquerade.

Mr. Valdez says that the most popular of Lady Gaga’s looks are the ones from her music video ‘Poker Face’. “It’s all Lada Gaga licensed products, makeup, glasses, hair bows. People were askin abou the soda-can wig.”

Customers are even looking for plastic meat, in an attempt to copy the singer’s outfit for the MTV Music Video Awards.

Although her popularity knows no end, Lady Gaga is not the only pop star whose look will be reproduced on Sunday night. A lot of women and some men are also purchasing wigs mimicking Justin Bieber and cast members of the show ‘Jersey Shore’.

On the other side of the pop spectrum, there is a lot of demand for “Avatar stuff”. A representative from Halloween Adventure explained that the Na’vi look is “definitely number one”.

While there are many who will try to copy these popular stars’ looks to the tee, others are simply drawing inspiration to create their own looks. “People are coming in and trying their own Gaga-inspired look. ‘Avatar’ is popular, but still people are trying to come in and do it differently”, said a representative of the Abracadabra Superstore.