T.I. Facing Jail Time; Wife May Receive Outpatient Rehab Instead

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, wife of rap star T.I., has been charged with the misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance. The charge was made on Friday, October 29, reports a spokesperson from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

This charge comes one month after Ms. Cottle and T.I., born Clifford Harris, were arrested in Los Angeles for possession of Ecstasy. Ms. Cottle is due to appear in court on Monday.

It is possible that Ms. Cottle will receive outpatient rehabilitation instead of jail time. Although it remains up to a judge to determine, this is an option in cases similar to that of this reality TV star. However, she must be found eligible for that option.

Mr. Harris, on the other hand, was sentenced to 11 months in prison, slated to start on Monday. This was decided because the present charges see the Atlanta-born rapper was found violating the terms of his supervised release.

The current prison sentence succeeds a stint in jail for weapons charges. Despite the fact that T.I. had kept a relatively low profile since his release, the last few weeks were quite eventful. T.I. lost endorsement deals from AXE and Rémy Martin, released a new song with R&B singer Chris Brown and helped save a man threatening to commit suicide.

In a radio interview last week, the rapper said he planned to take things one day at a time. “I’m gonna speak more through my music and my actions.”