No-Frills, Big Chills Halloween Costumes for Last-Minute Dressing Up

Halloween will soon be upon us. For those of you scrambling for last-minute costumes, here are some simple ideas that will spice up the day without soaking up all your time.

The first idea flows from the most popular trend at the moment: vampires. Edward Cullen is just one of the options. For a quick vamp-up, grab a black combination of shirt, pants and shoes, and top it off with a lot of pale powder on your face. The pièce de résistance is the hair!

Another option is a member of the Harry Potter family. Voldemort is a favorite, and simple to boot. A black costume and white face can be coupled with a wand to create the season’s favorite evil wizard.

As an alternative to black, women can opt to dress up as a ghost or a white lady. The trick is a reversal of the above: a white gown and black makeup around the eyes, eyebrows and lips is sure to scare a few passersby!

For a costume minimizing on makeup, Jason from Nightmare on Elm Street is another option. The look can be achieved with some ratty clothes, black pants, a big (fake) knife and, of course, a mask.

Finally, what Halloween would be complete without a few undead running around? The zombie look can be created with some red dye, to give the bloody effect, a little pale green makeup and an overall ruggedness, from toes to hair.