Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen Scandal

Adult movie star Capri Anderson is reportedly planning to sue actor Charlie Sheen. Mr. Sheen was purportedly found in the restroom of Daniel, a Manhattan restaurant, with no clothing on and with traces of cocaine on his person.

He was accompanied by several friends and escorts to the restaurant, where he had ordered expensive wine and vodka. Ms. Anderson left Mr. Sheen in the bathroom after he failed to pay her her evening fee.

“Charlie wanted to have sex with Capri and tried, but she stopped and demanded her $12,000. He didn’t have the money on him so she left him in the bathroom.”

After Ms. Anderson returned to the table alone, Mr. Sheen’s assistant retrieved him from the bathroom. This was after he dressed and cleaned him up, sources say. The source said: “He was delusional and just completely lost. Totally out of it.”

Mr. Sheen was found destroying his Plaza Hotel room hours later and Ms. Anderson hid in the locked bathroom. He had apparently broken a chair and damaged several other items in the room; Ms. Anderson called hotel security.

Sources from the New York Police Department have said that officials will not be filing charges against Mr. Sheen.

Mr. Sheen’s substance abuse problems have been followed by the public since the 1990s.