Access to Information from Brain Might be Possible

Thanks to the 3T MRI scanner making its way to the Alberta Children's Hospital, the doctors will now be able to access information from the brain. This access to information from the brain was initially possible only during neurosurgery or after the death of that person.

Dr. Frank MacMaster, Cuthbertson and Fischer chair in pediatric mental health says "This type of research, this program of research has been a long time coming. For a long time, kids with mental health issues have been kind of the research orphans of the modern medical establishment”.

This research would enable the doctors to differentiate one type of mental disorder from the other and further study the ways of diagnosis. The doctors would also be able to see and study the effects of treatment, taking a look at the brain biology.

The kids will have better prospects if this study and research is carried out soon as it has been seen that every one in five suffers from some mental health disease.

Depression, ADHD, and anxiety disorders are some of the every common mental disorder affecting children.

Premier Ed Stelmach asserts that research helps us find brand new approaches and solutions to health challenges faced by Albertans.