Warning Signs of Stroke Requiring Medical Attention

It doesn’t really shock people when you tell them that even infants and children can suffer strokes. At present, strokes have come out to be the third leading cause of death, with 14,000 Canadians dying every year as a result of strokes.

It has been seen that as much as 80% of the 50,000 strokes occurring every year, are caused as a result of interrupted blood flow to the brain due to a blood clot. Some other strokes are caused due to uncontrolled bleeding in the brain.

The former condition is referred to as ischemic while the latter ones are known as hemorrhagic strokes.

As per reports, as many as 300,000 Canadians are at present living with the effects of stroke. The range of these strokes however ranges from minor physical and cognitive impairment to rigorous disability requiring long-term care.

There are a few warning signs of stroke, which require immediate medical attention. These can range from weakness, trouble speaking and vision problems to headache and dizziness.

This World Stroke Day is witnessing some awareness campaigns that are being held to make the people aware of the condition. Julie Ainscow, from the Stroke Association asserts that these promotional campaigns have come out to be successful as they are actually having an effect on people.