Health Minister Pledges to Recall Cadmium Jewelry

On Friday, the legislation that empowers Leona Aglukkaq, the Health Minister to recall any product, on grounds of safety concerns have been approved by the House of Commons, but the Senate has still to endorse the same to be converted into law.

With bill passing the first stage, the health minister promised to recall the jewelry pieces made for children containing high amount of cadmium. Aglukkaq by employing the general prohibition clause of the law would take the jewelry off the shelves, which have been found by Health Canada being contaminated with high levels of cadmium.

In the absence of obligatory recall powers or a general prohibition against dangerous products at presently, the Health Canada investigators have not been able to do something in this context. This is the reason why Companies keep selling the jewelry items, without the fear of pulling down of the products.

Health Canada has found out many cheap jewelry pieces since 2009 containing toxic levels of cadmium that ranges from 9% to 93% and they are still on the store shelves or are being used.

Though the pictures of some contaminated jewelry piece were did posted by the Health Canada but it didn’t reveal brand details or the stores they were collected.