Singapore Doctor Penalized for Using Bioresonance Treatment

Dr. Kay Aih Boon, a general practitioner at the KCS Medical Centre in Bedok North, in Singapore, has been penalized with a $5,000 fine after using unapproved treatments on patients.

Dr. Kay was charged with professional misconduct during a disciplinary hearing held by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). He has pleaded guilty to treating several patients’ smoking habits, allergies and behavioural issues resulting from autism with a Bioresonance Machine.

The bioresonance method reads frequency patterns from the body’s electromagnetic field in order to diagnose a patient’s condition. Electromagnetic resonance is applied to the patient during the procedure. This therapy is not considered conventional in Singapore, reports a spokesperson from the SMC.

Dr. Kay is also required to provide a written affidavit that he will not repeat such behaviour, and that he would immediately cease to use the Bioresonance Machine in his treatments.

The SMC’s Disciplinary Committee said that practitioners looking to introduce new methods of treatment are required to undergo specific clinical trials in accordance with the Bioethics Advisory Committee’s Guidelines for Institutional Review Boards for that treatment.

The Disciplinary Committee is not treating Dr. Kay’s case trivially. Although there was no evidence of actual harm, or any adverse effects, to any of his patients, the doctor has been directed to cease such treatment immediately.