‘Midland Metropolitan’ – New name for Birmingham and Black Country hospital

A new healthcare facility for Birmingham and the Black Country has been named as the Midland Metropolitan Hospital.

The name has been decided by the bosses of Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust on the recommendation of public vote in the Birmingham Mail and views from people within the area.

The facility will be opened in 2016 with the infusion of funds worth £370 million. The name was backed by Ozzy Osbourne, a Brummie rock legend, who said that the name can also be taken as ‘The Met’.

The other nominated names on the list were Grove Lane Hospital supported by celebrity Rustie Lee, Birmingham and Black Country Hospital backed by Adrian Chiles and James Brindley Hospital championed by Ruby Turner.

Around 952 written and phone votes were pooled, of which only 15% favoured James Brindley, 29% Birmingham and Black Country and 28% both the Metropolitan and Grove Lane. Also, views were obtained from 369 community groups and 349 faith organizations, along with 13 community centres in the affected suburbs.

The final decision on the name was taken by the board members of the trust. “The Midland Metropolitan Hospital is what it will be and long may she serve. This is a historic decision for the future”, said Sue Davis, Trust Chairwoman.

An amount worth £90 was collected through the phone vote, which will be contributed to the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Fund.