Kamloops Bishop recovers from Brutal Attack

After the Kamloops Roman Catholic Diocese Bishop David Monroe was violently attacked and beaten up about 7 days ago, a church in the downtown area Kamloops prays for the victim and for change in the future.

The Bishop’s sisters released an official statement on October 25 that says: “Bishop Monroe’s family would like to thank the many people involved in facilitating the recovery of their brother, including hospital staff, clergy and all of those who have responded to this tragedy and are actively praying on his behalf.”

They also declare to be very impressed by the continent wide compassion and announce that their brother’s health is improving every day.

John Bandura, 30 years old, is accused to have been involved in the brutal incident on October, 22. The accused is reported to suffer from a bipolar disorder and a psychosis which resulted in the attack on the religious man.

In order to assess Bandura’s mental state of being, Kamloops provincial court ordered 30 days of tests. Only after the test results are certain, the accused needs to defend himself in court, expectedly on November 25.

Monroe’s family even finds comforting words of pity for the committer’s family that is suspected to also suffer from the incidents.