Ontario to Host 75 New Specialist Residency Positions Next Year

Medical schools in Ontario would be creating 75 new vacancies in the specialist residency positions. The announcement was made by the Health Minister of the Province, Deb Matthews. The vacancies would include positions for surgeons and psychiatrists in the new post-graduate program.

While announcing the introduction of the new positions, Deb Matthews stated that the introduction of the new positions was done to train more doctors in the specialist field. The introduction of the new posts would mean that Ontario would be able to produce more doctors to provide better care for residents.

The new program would be spread over a period of five years, with the pilot batch being inducted in the year 2011. The government authorities further announced that the new program meant that the number of positions regarding specialist training programs would increase by a whopping 80%, since the year 2003.

Apart from the news regarding the new positions, the president of the Canadian Medical Association, Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull stated that the Government needed to pump in more money towards the Federal Governments plan to recruit and retain more doctors and nurses. He further added that the need for investing in residency positions had also increased tremendously.