Post-Cancer, Get a Grip of Life

October being a month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, an expert has provided some guidance regarding the condition. The Director of biobehavioral sciences and co-director Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Karen Syrjala is the person who talks about some physical and emotional aspects related to cancer.

First of all, Syrjala advises cancer survivors to prepare a summary of the treatment they have undergone for their GP. Apart from that the doctor should also be informed if the survivor has undergone radiation, chemotherapy and other interventions.

Besides, she adds that if the cancer comes back the problem should be faced headstrong by the person. Syrjala further stresses the need for regular exercise and a good diet among patients to maintain a good lifestyle.

Syrjala also strictly warns against smoking and not drinking more than one drink a day. She also advises that cancer survivors should use sunscreen and should consume healthy amounts of vitamin D, as it would help in elongating survival as well.

Syrjala further advises women to seek help if they happen to suffer from memory loss or have problems concentrating after undergoing the treatment. She strictly requests women not to suffer in silence, but to accept it and seek help, as it can be remedied.