New Method of Ovary Freezing in the US promises Motherhood after 40

In line with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting in Denver, Dr. Sherman Silber highlights that women at a young age have the possibilities to freeze ovary parts in case they want to become mothers in their forties or even fifties.

Although Dr. Silber recommends the method of ovary conservation over the conventional procedure of egg freezing, UK experts are concerned that the former method has not been tested sufficiently. Experts point out: "We need to see clear evidence of [the method's] effectiveness and that's what we don't have at the moment”.

In the UK, only a certain amount of eggs can be frozen at a time which is not a guaranty that all women might successfully use them to get pregnant at a later stage.

Dr. Silber who works at the St Luke's clinic in Saint Louis does not see a danger but many advantages in restoring ovaries rather than eggs, as he explains: Women who do egg freezing can't just have one cycle and think they've got it all solved. And those who opt for several rounds of egg retrieval have to pay for every single procedure, making it "prohibitively expensive”. In comparison to ovary freezing, the procedure takes only a single intervention.

Nevertheless, health experts of the Infertility Network UK warn women not to rely on the method and risk of staying childless at the end.